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SASI Intermediate and Diploma Colleges

It is in our Intermediate and Diploma Colleges, that the Students find their True Passions, and lay their roots for a firmer climb-up in pursuit of promising Professional Courses of Studies. Our Teachers evaluate each Student’s Natural Aptitude and their Potentials, and based on these parameters, guide the Students to prepare for the most suitable career courses where they are most likely to succeed and shine. Having selected the right options, the Students are then put into rigorous preparations of Study and Practices which alone can assure them success in this competitive world, particularly for admission into Professional Courses like Medicine, Engineering, Management and Law Studies.

The Students, under the able guidance of our Committed Teachers, find the Teaching and Training greatly useful and confidence-boosting. What they learn at this stage not only assures them a seat in a Professional Course of their choice but also equips them with the right attitude and preparedness to cope with the exacting demands of these Advanced Courses. No wonder, most of our Students are able to ace many of these Competitive Entrance Exams like the NEET, IITJEE, etc. quite confidently and come out with flying colours, year after year. They, in fact, show the way to their Juniors to follow suit. Success begets success, and Batch after Batch our Students keep writing Success Stories to make Our Institutions proud !