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SASI Degree and PG Colleges

Students in our UG and PG Colleges are not only trained to become Professionals and Technocrats but also to blossom into Responsible Citizens of our Great Society. Towards this end, we have carefully chosen our Curriculum which would adequately train their Academic Skills, and at the same time, provide sufficient Food for Thought which would develop their Life Skills as well. Our full-fledged Laboratories and Workshops, with their State-of-the-art Equipment and Facilities greatly assist in Students getting the Right kind of Training, with valuable Scope for Useful Experimentation to build their Scientific Mindset. That we have Nine Ph.D’s among our talented Faculty Team is not mere statistics. They bring into their Teaching the fruits of their valuable Research Experience and the Students greatly benefit by it.

Another Feather in Our Cap is the valuable Institute - Industry Relationship that we have forged with some of the Successful Industries in our area who are Renowned Leaders, respected for their Achievements in their respective fields. The real significance of this vital association with these industrial houses is borne out by the fact that when our Students undergo Apprenticeship Training in their outfits, they not only get a Practical Exposure to the Industrial Scenario but also get to know how they can also contribute with their Innovative Ideas for better productivity. By the time they complete their Internship, the Students become fully acquainted with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other Industrial Nuances which make them job-ready the moment they graduate from our Professional Colleges. This procedure effectively addresses the Problem of Unemployment and Underemployment among Technical Graduates. Thus every day we are constantly pursuing a Designed Path to achieve our Vision of becoming an Institution of Excellence in the arena of Technical and Managerial Education. Our Teachers are our Assets and Our Students are Our Brand Ambassadors. Naturally, we are justifiably Proud of our Brilliant Achievements !